You will reach up to 200 millions targeted customers in 7 countries using our solution.

Babidol has over 3 years of experience in selling baby products for brands in cross-border e-ecommerce, offering them the best services to increase their sales quickly and effortlessly providing our several services. By adding more technologies and opening our website to more brands, we enable more companies to grow along our websites and solutions. You only have to apply to become a partner of Babidol, and we provide our best services to make sure your products get one the market(s) you want, representing your brand online like no others.  

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We help you access up to 7 countries to sell your products. Just allow us to do so, and we will make it happen. Use our technology to easily integrate your products and sell them on more than 20 channels, marketplaces and price comparators.

Just focus on developing your brand, we will make sure 
are all set to be sold abroad. And we have many more services to offer !

No commissions or subscriptions ! We only get paid when we sold for your brand. And all services are included ! We dedicate our customer support to defending your interest as well as yours. Our team is always available for any question you may have ! We can even stock your returned products to let you focus on your business. Yes, we are truly here for your brand and we thought about everything !

The benefits we can bring to your business...

By becoming a partner with Babidol, you get a chance to reach more customers and develop with business abroad. 
Managing a website takes time and money, this is why we have developed a whole set of services and softwares to help you grow your buiness activity without having to spend much. We do the heavy lifting for us : marketing, picture enhancement, customer support, translations, stock the products that are returned... and even more services !
We just want to make sure you keep your time on what matters the most : thinking about new products, designing them... 
If you still hesitate, please apply and contact us , we would be more than happy to get you all the information you may need to take your decision !