Babidol puts everything in place to ensure the quality of the delivery services, by offering free delivery directly from the manufacturers, ensuring the used carriers are well known and recognised for the professionalism of their services.
The majority of our partners use an "economical" transport contract (Called “standard”), which allows them to offer free deliveries throughout their catalogue. The term "standard" does not mean that the delivery service is less good, but means that the delivery time can be than 1 or 2 business days longer.
When you buy on our website, a tracking number is always provided through an email sent as soon as our partners provide it. You can then track your package and know the exact delivery date.
In order to comply with our customer satisfaction policy, we are committed to respecting 100% of the delivery dates given to you when you purchase. These dates include the processing time of your order, preparation and delivery to your home.
If additional processing times were needed in case of high activity, then delivery dates include this time, and the dates are then the right ones.


• Returns are accepted for 14 calendar days starting at delivery of the product. Exceeding this period will result in a refusal of return. The customer must be able to provide proof of shipment made within this 14 day period in case of dispute. Visit our FAQ page for more details about our return policy.

Babidol will only accept returns on products that are identified as eligible for return or are delivered damaged.  Once Babidol confirms that your product was returned in accordance with this policy, your credit card or PayPal account will be fully refunded. We do not accept any Product exchanges.

If the Product arrived damaged (“Damaged Product”), Babidol will accept returns for a full refund only in accordance with the Return Procedures below. For a faster treatment of your demand, please send us as many description pictures as needed to show the problem. Once Babidol confirms that you received a Damaged Product that was returned in accordance with the Return Procedures below, your sole and exclusive remedy is that :
(a) A spare part, or a new product may be offered, firstly, to meet your expectations, and respect the condition of sale promised during your purchase. In case of product exchange, the cost of return will not be charged. This solution is then applicable in the case where it remains economically viable for both parties
(b) we will issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal account in the amount charged for the Damaged Product (if your credit card or PayPal account has already been charged for the Product) or (c) we will not charge your credit card or PayPal account for the Damaged Product. The refunded amount will include the applicable Delivery Fee.


Return Procedures: All returns must be made within 14 calendar days after the Product delivery date. All returned Products must be returned in their original box, unused (e.g., not worn, washed, damaged, or altered) and returned in accordance with the instructions received from contacting customer service as per the Site. You are solely responsible for the cost of shipping the returned Product. All Products not returned in accordance with the Return Procedures shall be sent back to you, or unaccepted upon return delivery.